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Check us out at work!

You place an order, and then what happens? Take a look at what goes on behind the scenes at Aussie Foods.

What does shipping cost?

We send from Belgium, and shipping rates depend on the country of destination. Want to know what you’ll be up for?

Who are we?

We’re an Australian (Jen) / Belgian (Ludwig) couple living out woop-woop in Belgium.



Sick of the same old for tea?

We’re here to help! Get inspired with our delicious Aussie recipes. Easy as for those of us who aren’t so culinarily gifted, whilst guaranteed something new for even the biggest Aussie Foodie!

Your favourite product not in stock?

Seriously craving something in particular, but it’s not in stock? Register your email address and be the first to know when it’s back!

Support fellow Aussies in Europe!

We are very passionate about the Australian expat community in Europe… you too? You can support other Australian-run businesses in Europe by checking them out here:

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