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who are we?

We’re an Australian (Jen) / Belgian (Ludwig) couple living out woop-woop in Belgium.

After years of going to extraordinary lengths to keep our pantry stocked with our beloved Vegemite, we thought that there just has to be an easier way.

The idea of Aussie Foods was born. After a few years of wondering how the hell we tackle such a project, we finally shut our eyes, held our breath and took the plunge in June 2020 (yep, right at the start of a global pandemic…).

But we have no plans to maintain the status quo. We’re constantly working towards improving our supply of stock and expanding on our range.

Whilst we realise we can’t cure homesickness, we do hope we can put a smile on an expat’s face with a little treat from home. We are really very passionate about the Aussie expat community in Europe, that’s why we’ve also got a page dedicated to other Aussies in business in Europe. Want to help support other Australian run small businesses? Check them out here!

We’d love to hear from you! If you want to share any feedback about the site, products you’d like to see stocked or just simply want to say g’day, don’t hesitate to contact us here.

Happy shopping!

Jen & Ludwig 

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