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Attention Aussie Foods customers - we need your help!!!

We’ve entered the Fedex Small Business Grant contest this year and are in the running for a Public Choice Award of €10,000.

This grant would be an amazing opportunity for us further establish and improve on our small business. But to make a chance at it, we need your vote!

Voting only takes a moment, simply enter an email address, confirm you’re not a robot and click on vote. You can even vote every day up until closing on the 15th December if you wish to 🙂 We would be eternally grateful for your support!

You can view our profile and vote here: 

About our application

Our application is in Dutch, so here’s a quick summary of it in English:

We, Jen (Australian) and Ludwig (Belgian) have been importing Australian goods since June 2020 and sell these via our webshop to customers throughout Europe. It is our goal to be the one-stop-shop for all consumers and businesses alike wanting to purchase Australian products in Europe.

With the business grant, we would have the opportunity to further renovate our future warehouse, more specifically to make it more energy efficient. We would insulate the floor, walls and roof to reduce the electricity consumption required to keep the space at a constant temperature all year round. With this new warehouse, we’ll have the opportunity to be able to import and store greater volumes of stock, increasing from our current 50m² to more than 200m². Once insulated, we then need to install an industrial roller door and an energy-efficient heat pump.

Many thanks for reading,

Jen & Ludwig

The Aussie Foods Team

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