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White Meat Blend (best before 31/05/2024)

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White Meat Blend marries native lemon myrtle with zesty finger lime for a robust limey fusion with great Australian bite – the ultimate addition to any white meat, like poultry, pork or crocodile.

A generous coating of WHITE seals in juices with a deliciously charred crust and citrusy flavour bigger than Croc Dundee. Best devoured with a glass of crisp Australian Sauvignon Blanc.

Get inspired with White recipes.

Single Box (80g)

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How to use it:
– brush preferred white meat with olive oil
– encrust with WHITE
– pan fry/roast/poach/bbq
– devour with a glass of Australian Sav Blanc 


lemon myrtle
sesame seed
finger lime

Weight 95 g


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