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Bush Tomato


Bush Tomato 20g

Bush Tomato or Kutjera (Akatyerr) is a deep caramel, sun-dried flavoured spice that is a great flavoursome addition in tomato-based recipes, or when sprinkled in a roast or over chicken. Sourced in Central Australia by First Nation Communities, it has recently begun cultivation by some communities in order to increase supply and quality.

The ripe fruit is dried and then ground into an easy-to-apply spice that is great in chutneys and Italian dishes.

Get inspired with these delicious recipes:

Bush Tomato Soup with Parmesan Crisps

Outback BBQ steak with Tasmanian Mountain Pepperberry and Bush Tomato Relish

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How do I use it?
It makes for a delicious ketchup, or simply sprinkled over curries or eggs.

What does it taste like?
Savoury, sundried, caramel notes, tomato.

How much should I use?

For flavouring when cooking, 1 teaspoon should be enough.

Where is it native to?

In the central, arid interior of Australia

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