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Tom King – Custom Guitar Maker – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Tom King is a custom guitar maker, repairer and technician living in Amsterdam.
Tom creates custom guitars (and ukuleles) with high quality craftsmanship using sustainably sourced timbers.
Every instrument is hand-made and uniquely tailored to suit the player, both in sound and appearance.
He combines an engineering background with skills honed working with fellow Aussies, Cole Clark, as well as Dutch locals Stoney Creek, Homestead and De Haan Guitars.
If you’re looking for a bespoke dream guitar, or just after a quick set-up/repair, you can get in touch on instagram.

2 reviews for Tom King – Custom Guitar Maker – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  1. Dimity

    So impressed with Tom’s craftsmanship. His guitars are the among the best I’ve seen, would highly recommend getting one for yourself!

  2. Linden

    Tom made me the perfect guitar with very specific requests, and it’s awesome! Sounds and plays amazing. This guitar is now my most treasured possession.

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